I feel like I’m drowning in expectations

My spirit feels such hesitation

It’s got me questioning everything

Questioning what you expect of me

Questioning your respect for me

Questioning what’s best for me

Questioning my destiny

Questioning what’s left of me

The love of money

Money is power

The power to care

The power to love

Or the power to stare

And the power to judge

Power to lift yourself up

And all those around

Or the power to shove

Someone to the ground

Choose wisely.


My happiness is yours

And yours is mine

They have always intertwined

Ever since the start of time

It’s always been inside the mind

The lines we draw create divide

Lines that were drawn to keep us apart

To shatter the pieces of the human heart

Stop Sending Me Stuff

The junk that makes it thru these doors
I can’t take it anymore
Saving coupons that expired
Trash cans full of political flyers
The forest, the trees
Supposed to be homes
for the birds and the bees
Not filling up oceans
Can’t you see the animals choking?
Tangled up in the American dream
The more we need
The more they bleed
Don’t we all have mouths to feed??
Don’t we all have hearts that beat
Each one worthy of the wind and the breeze
The flowers and the seas
Why can’t we just leave it be
So that every heart can finally be free


To all of my coworkers ever:

I miss you.

all the things you used to do that bothered me-
are the things I miss the most
your stubborn ways
your long debates
didn’t think I’d ever miss those

knowing all of your business
talking to strangers
no commitments
just conversation

we’d sing and dance
and mess with each other
say all the wrong things
and fight like lovers

and yet somehow along the way
since being locked at home-
I lost your touch
I lost your face
but I finally found my own

Thanks for always keeping it real
I love and miss all of you<3
Be Safe xoxo

Have a nice life

I’ve never fit in, I don’t even try
Fitting in means living a lie
I was born with a purpose
I came for a fight
You won’t slow me down
So just step aside

It doesn’t matter who you are
I know who I am
And I know why I’m here.
I stand with the afflicted, the voiceless, the broken,
The queer

many who don’t get it
the list is so long
People that love me
but think I am wrong

I came here for love
I come from the light
I know who I am
And I know what is right
If you think Black Lives don’t matter…
Have a nice life

Summer Sun

The last of the summer sun

It’s golden rays come undone

Into the trees, into the clouds

Slowly splashing to the ground

Disappearing without a sound

When the breeze of autumn comes around


Be ware a certain beauty that exists
Amidst life’s unexpected twists
It’s radiance is so easily dismissed
And yet a tiny glimpse reveals a moments bliss

Belly Up

belly up in the grass,

every moment is the past.

petals that were never meant to last-

falling down.

every cloud is like a wave-

or like a face without a name

never to return again.

feels like today was meant to be-

likes it’s older than a dream

but what if it isn’t what it seems

or what they say

what if today was yesterday?

love before hate

take a turn

feel the burn

feel the hurt

feel the words

that you blurt out

without a shirt on

from your living room

in your dark cocoon

feel the mind of the people

instead of dishing out words that hurt

that. doesn’t. work.

it only creates hate

so much at stake

love before hate

before it’s too late