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Summer Sun

The last of the summer sun

It’s golden rays come undone

Into the trees, into the clouds

Slowly splashing to the ground

Disappearing without a sound

When the breeze of autumn comes around


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Be ware a certain beauty that exist
Amidst life’s unexpected twists
It’s radiance is so easily dismissed
And yet a tiny glimpse reveals a moments bliss

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Belly Up

belly up in the grass,

every moment is the past.

petals that were never meant to last-

falling down.

every cloud is like a wave-

or like a face without a name

never to return again.

feels like today was meant to be-

likes it’s older than a dream

but what if it isn’t what it seems

or what they say

what if today was yesterday?

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love before hate

take a turn

feel the burn

feel the hurt

feel the words

that you blurt out

without a shirt on

from your living room

in your dark cocoon

feel the mind of the people

instead of dishing out words that hurt

that. doesn’t. work.

it only creates hate

so much at stake

love before hate

before it’s too late

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the earth is shaking and making rain

everything is breaking and leaving stains

boxes of dishes, pieces of shells,

pieces of you when you were twelve.

looking for clues, breaking ground.

breaking down.

sifting through sand to make out the sound-

of the truth.

the sound of your voice,

the sound of you.

lost and confused

muffled and crying

everyone’s dying

everything bleeds

everyone believes

except for me.

not. me.

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everthing rots, everything decays

all things break up or just fade away

come what may, some day, some way

no matter what you do or say

no matter how you feel today

what you make or what you pay

no matter how well you play,

or how much you pray.

live for today

it’s the only way

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it’s time i have a place that’s mine

so time and space can intertwine

it puts me in a state of mind

where all i see is what’s inside

it leaves my eyes open wide

so if i seek it, i shall find

some long awaited peace of mind

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