The Starving Artist

Well, I may not be starving but I’m certainly not rich so I save cans and paint them. There’s not a whole lots more satisfying for me than painting cans. The acrylic paint is under a dollar and lasts me for months, and the cans are basically free (sort of). So essentially I’m making something beautiful out of almost nothing and I love that. Not only that but the surface is so smooth and the colors come out brilliant. Here is my latest can.

In this picture-3 coats of pink acrylic paint for base. Rainbow colors over it. Finish with 2 coats of clear coat for protection.




everthing rots, everything decays

all things break up or just fade away

come what may, some day, some way

no matter what you do or say

no matter how you feel today

what you make or what you pay

no matter how well you play,

or how much you pray.

live for today

it’s the only way

it’s time i have a place that’s mine

so time and space can intertwine

it puts me in a state of mind

where all i see is what’s inside

it leaves my eyes open wide

so if i seek it, i shall find

some long awaited peace of mind

the clouds are breaking

my heart is aching

i miss my friends

is this the end

or is it where it all begins


The sound of the rain
still in the clouds
calling my name
as it hits the ground
the sloshing of mud
in a cold weathered town
keeps lifting me up
as the rain falls down